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Switching to Droid!

So I’ve been pretty all over the place so far in how I intend to execute the task of getting passive EEG data to sync with manually input data from a smartphone.  Last week I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to use Frequency Shift Keying to “legally” send data into the iPhone …

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Conor’s Final – iOS Arduino Modem Communication

This link will take you to my blog where I detail how I intend to interface my Neurosky Mindflex with my iPhone using an Arduino and Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modem communication: IOS INTERFACING – FREQUENCY SHIFT KEYING (FSK) FROM ARDUINO

Final Project – Brain App

Introduction For my final project, I intend to manifest my project concept from the Social Media project. This will entail developing a mobile app (either iOS or Droid) that synchronizes with an external neurofeedback device – a device that I am building for an independent study with Katherine.  The purpose of the application will be to allow …

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Creativity Necklace – Communication From A Distance

My Inspiration Dedicated to my little sister, Carillon, in hopes of enabling us to better inspire one another with our shared creativity. Components • 2 pen/pencil encasings (one for her, one for me) • 2 necklaces w/ RGB LEDs, power sources, and a Wi-Fi transceiver (one for her, one for me) Concept Each of us …

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BrainSYNC – Neurofeedback vs. Social Media

For the social media project I attempted to find a way of incorporating my own personal research of EEGs and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) into an application in the field of social media.  In order to design this application, I assumed that users would have access to personal EEG devices that would be able to …

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Response to Social Media Articles – Conor Russomanno

This piece is a response to the following articles: Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities by Akshay Java, Tim Finin, Xiaodan Song, and Belle Tseng Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet – and Keep Google Out by Fred Vogelstein Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us, by Bill …

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Kinematics-Color Conversion Switch Recap

Check out the post on my blog:


Interaction is the relationship that exists between everything.  Every object, in some way, is interacting with every other object to some degree at every point in time.  In this way, interaction is not a switch that is either on or off.  Instead, when looking at how any one object interacts with any number of other …

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