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anonymous made connections

We would like to propose a phone app and as our inspiration missed connections on craigslist/dateing website. This is an anonymous text message. when you sign in you give you dating profile or what not based on how you sign up. you can see if anyone else is on the network in proximity but it …

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tossin around ideas

Having just received my alcohol sensor in the mail I have begun to do some tests on the readings and best practice for its use.  Ideas i have for this are endless but i feel they fall short making any sort of strong statement.  One idea i have looked at is a driving game that …

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Final Project ideas

I have a few vague ideas for a final project that i have not settled on yet.  I am still considering mobile yelp style application that takes user input and uses a mapping system that finds the closest and heap drink specials near you, mainly “happy meals” or a shot and a beer.  This project …

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Cite tweet MLA style

for anyone interested there is a correct way to site tweets now in mla style

the ol’ switcheroo

this is a rethinking of the idea of a switch, sometimes the most obvious answer isn’t the funnest so took the idea of the switch and applied it here å la the parent trap. and in the style of indiana jones, with a twist of olde gold. under the hood of this project is a …

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meaningful interactions

We are so connected in today’s that I wanted to explore how meaning full these interactions are.  The physical act of getting mail is more meaningful than receiving email today.  I wanted to explore more than just how we communicate over a distance and touch on why we communicate over a distance.  Is someone posting …

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interactivity is the way things communicate be it person to person, person to environment, or even person with technology.  It most simply put it is how things communicate with other things and the effect they have upon each other.  This is not a one way street however, because there must be two things for this …

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