Final Project – Brain App


For my final project, I intend to manifest my project concept from the Social Media project. This will entail developing a mobile app (either iOS or Droid) that synchronizes with an external neurofeedback device – a device that I am building for an independent study with Katherine.  The purpose of the application will be to allow the user to track and manually annotate their own neurofeedback.  Ideally I will be able to also create the functionality for a user to be able to share his or her personal research with  a central server, though this will be a bonus feature that I probably won’t get around to.

Phases (Priority List)

1. Get neurofeedback serial data to successfully send and store to mobile phone

2. System for annotation of external stimuli/moods

3. Some type of simple visualization of data

4. Interactive visualization system (charts, graphs, with settings)

5. Share capability with central server


– Learn how to develop mobile applications for iPhone or Android (preferably iPhone but Droid would be easier)

– Have a crude application that stores personal EEG research and can be revamped (v2.0), replicated, and used by others.



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