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LOOMIS updates

Everything is going well. I’m experimenting with a new way to pump water through the sculpture today.

Update: Sound responsive solenoids

In this video, I’ve programed the solenoids to open and close based on volume. I’m using a white noise iphone app to generate the noise. Movie Recording

Update: Programming Solenoids

My┬ásolenoids valves arrived and are all in working order. Finished rigging up┬ásolenoids to be controlled by arduino. Basic code is just alternating HIGH LOW every second.

Final Project (LOOMIS) notes from today

L O O M I S F I N A L P R O J E C T P R O D O Q U E S T I O N / P R O B L E M Can we affect a person’s relationship to an object by infusing said object with a living …

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Precedents – Bioreactor   i’ve gone back to my original idea in regard to creating a bio-reactor. i learned a lot in the workshop over the week and created a basic prototype of what i’d like to create. my project will be an interactive sculpture, which functions as both a curtain as well as an air …

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Proposed Idea for Final (Very Early Stages)

I’m interested in memory preservation, and how we can continue to share the data we are documenting today in ways that remove it from the traditional “network” model (i.e. the dead drops projects). I’m also interested in bio-tech and the ability to incorporate ecology into technology. This weekend I’m participating in the bio-reactor workshop. Ideally, …

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very cool bbc documentary

also, came across this bbc documentary over the break. it’s made by adam curtis and raises some very interesting questions regarding how we define nature and humanity with technology and technological terms. link below.

Interaction Over Distance – Empathonic -Interface Mock Up

I’ve retitled my project Empathonic, a combination of Empathetic and Bionic. I’ve spent a lot of time adjusting interface and working on patching the Pulse Sensor to OpenFrameworks where I’m working. Wireless hopes are a bit foiled at this point, I need several parts I don’t currently have (little things like male pin headers, etc), …

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Reading Response

*please excuse any disjointed arguments being made, this is a gut reaction to the readings… Blade Runner   In Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner, a test titled the Voight Kampff Test is used to determine if a suspected replicant, an artificial intelligence in the form of a human-like machine, is in fact human or …

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“You are solving the wrong problem”

just came across this article, thought i’d share…