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AVsampler – Still a long ways to go…

Communication Over A Distance, Complete!

Finally, DONE We were asked to find creative ways to communicate over a distance. My original concept was a wearable technology which enabled one user to communicate with another through a haptic/physical feedback system. After more thought and fine-tuning I arrived at a scenario where one user could communicate a written message or image through …

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Final Project, Part 4

Okay I added some ramps, spent three days fixing the serial funk, and created a very simple steal-the-flag game. Connor and Mehdi tested the gameplay with good results. Still a long ways to go…. the gameplay is looking a bit sad at the moment.

Communication Over A Distance, Part 5

Getting close….

Final Project, Part 3

More updates to share

Final Project: Part 2

Two videos to share. I went back to Barcade for some inspiration. Here is an example of how NOT to play marble madness. Notice the gingerly strokes of the trackball. No! If you want to win this game you have to spin that trackball like a mad-man.   Next is a video just demoing …

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Final Project: Part 1

Okay. I need an agenda to keep things running smoothly. Building this game is going to involve a great deal of coding and even more testing.┬áThe volatility of OpenFrameworks (Ofx) will ensure I am on the fringe of madness throughout this project. I am just beginning to use this software, so the project will be …

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Final Project Concept: TPHDCMMMTG

Marble madness was a hit arcade game in the 80’s, using the (not so popular) trackball interface. Now there are two ways to play marble madness; either you can gently spin the trackball to maneuver your marble safely through the course while taking in the beautiful geometric scenery, or you can play it properly, how …

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Communication Over A Distance, Part 4

Communication Over A Distance, Part 3

Just realized how challenging the feedback/drawing coding is going to be for this project. Need to implement some kind of control theory – yikes. The hurdles to overcome are as follows: With only eight LED indications there are only a total of 16 directions I can direct the user. Need to break the drawing into …

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