Final Projects Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for your final projects and final presentations in Major Studio: Interaction

Finals Projects are due on May 8th and 10th

Half of the class will present on the 8th, the other half on the 10th

Final Projects Objectives

1. You need to present your project on at least THREE delivery platforms: Interactive Installation or Performance, Website, Paper, Video Scenario.

2. The design questions of your project should ideally be a continuation of ideas that you have explored in this studio.

3. What is the BIG Idea that underlies your project and its documentation? Map its interactive components and how someone would use it / experience / interact with it.

4. Can your project be exhibited in a public arena? If not, try to create your work so that it can become public.

5. What user feedback have you gotten from testing? What reactions have you gotten from people experiencing it?

Your Project Must Include any of the following: Installation, Project, Interface, Software, Hardware,

Design, Prototype, Model, Scenario of Interaction, Artwork, etc….

All projects must be accompanied by a 6 page paper that explains the project with at least 3 precedents of other work to back up and support your idea.

Papers must be formatted in the CHI publications format. You can download the template file here:

Apple Pages Template

Microsoft Word Template

Final Projects Slides: 10 Slides Max for Final Presentations: 15-20 minutes per presentation

Slide 1. Title of project, your name

Slide 2. Problem Statement

Slide 3. Precedents: at least 3 – explain why your project is different or the same as them

Slide 4. Initial Prototype

Slide 5. Final Version.

Slide 6. User reactions / Feedback from testing

Slide 7. Conclusions on project from User  Feedback

Slide 8. Future Ideas for projects – Future Directions.

Slide 9. Questions / Comments Slide?

Slide 10. Last Slide with your name and project title / web URL on it..


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