Switching to Droid!

So I’ve been pretty all over the place so far in how I intend to execute the task of getting passive EEG data to sync with manually input data from a smartphone.  Last week I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to use Frequency Shift Keying to “legally” send data into the iPhone through the audio jack.  There is information on how to do this in the book iPhone Hacks but there aren’t very many helpful examples online about how to do this (at least none that I could find).  After a while I realized that I was dedicating more time towards breaching the defenses of the iPhone than the essence of my project.  In the spirit of staying on track I abandoned using the iPhone w/ FSK and I’ve made the move to Android with Bluetooth.  Currently my bluetooth module is in the mail – a piece recommended by Mr. Fuzzy-Wobble.  Additionally, I am purchasing/borrowing an Android today.

My new and final goal is to send the serial data (via a bluetooth module) from the Mindflex to an application that I will build on my Android.  This application will then send the packets of data to the internal SD storage in the phone.  The internal clock of the phone to time-stamp the data, and there will be a simple interface for annotating the data with 2 preset lists of manually input “Activities” and “Moods”.

So far, I’ve:

Still to do:
  • Get my Android/bluetooth module
  • Code, code, code!
  • Test application on friends.

Messing Around with FSK and iPhone

First Processing Sketch to Android Emulator


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