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Y.A.M.A.- Final Work

AVsampler – Still a long ways to go…

MoogBot- Update

So, I’ve been pretty busy these last couple of weeks. I did a rough and dirty survey and asked people in DT what were their favorite textures. I got back some GOOD responses and I will be sharing those results on my blog perhaps later, because I want to hold onto that feedback for a …

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Final Project Progress – Feedback Wanted!

After having done extensive research on campaign finance and lobbying towards new government legislation as well as street interviews, I have narrowed down the project to a few specific goals. The main premise is to communicate to people how industries and private companies heavily influence government legislations that are in some cases not for the …

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  The first video shows that I was controlled by Firm, a DT student, to leave from DT12 to the street. I got a lot of problems. The Internet was disconnected when I was in the elevator. My camera’s capture was too bright to see, I just bought a new one to solve this problem,when I …

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Update: Sound responsive solenoids

In this video, I’ve programed the solenoids to open and close based on volume. I’m using a white noise iphone app to generate the noise. Movie Recording

Use the iPhone’s Safari Browser to Find location

This uses Javascript to find your location using the browser without having to write an iOS app.

Update: Programming Solenoids

My solenoids valves arrived and are all in working order. Finished rigging up solenoids to be controlled by arduino. Basic code is just alternating HIGH LOW every second.

Conor’s Final – iOS Arduino Modem Communication

This link will take you to my blog where I detail how I intend to interface my Neurosky Mindflex with my iPhone using an Arduino and Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modem communication: IOS INTERFACING – FREQUENCY SHIFT KEYING (FSK) FROM ARDUINO

Communication Over A Distance, Complete!

Finally, DONE We were asked to find creative ways to communicate over a distance. My original concept was a wearable technology which enabled one user to communicate with another through a haptic/physical feedback system. After more thought and fine-tuning I arrived at a scenario where one user could communicate a written message or image through …

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