BrainSYNC – Neurofeedback vs. Social Media

For the social media project I attempted to find a way of incorporating my own personal research of EEGs and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) into an application in the field of social media.  In order to design this application, I assumed that users would have access to personal EEG devices that would be able to record their neurofeedback and regularly send it to their smartphone throughout the course of a day.  While this technology doesn’t currently exist there are companies such as Nuerosky and Emotiv that are working to create commercial EEG devices for the everyday person.

After making said assumption I designed the interface for a smartphone app that would allow the user to do a number of things:

  • passively log personal EEG data through a discrete wearable sensor over the course of a day
  • actively record external stimuli to retroactively plot against personal neurofeedback
  • interact with passively and actively recorded data through a comprehensive graph plotter
  • create unique categories of manual inputs
  • share interesting findings with other users
  • have the option to anonymously share personal neurofeedback data and manually recorded stimuli with a central server for BrainSYNC researchers to perform research of the masses
  • read articles and research performed on data collected from the mass user base of the application

It is my hope that an application like this would create a new method of conducting scientific research – research of the masses.  Though it could be argued that this type of data is not collected in a scientifically acceptable manor, there would be no denying the value of such a large set of data entries if a sizable number of users got partook in the social aspect of the application.

Below is a screenshot of an interface mockup.  I haven’t posted all of the interface mockups for proprietary reasons.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting involved or just to learn more (


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