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Table re-visited…

final project documentation

Final Project:Tastebot an interactive tasting machine

Here is my final presentation:  tastebotpres And some pictures: and video  

Final Project Post

Video and project description for final project at: presentation PDF:    

Interaction at a Distance

  Here is a link to the final PDF for the Interaction Over a Distance project

Social Project Final

Here is a link to the final PDF for the Social project:  

Moogbot 1.0 – Final Prototype, and Final Post (and a link to my paper and blog!)

This project has been quite the adventure for me, and it took several series of tough love and hard work, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome of it, even if it could have been better in certain ways. Thanks to everyone who gave me some awesome feedback for my project, you guys don’t …

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Final Project – Change the System (last post!)

For the final project, “Change the System” was successful as a research, data presentation, user feedback and public intervention project, but this is only the beginning. In order to fully begin building out something unique, I think I will have to put this in a much larger context than a local-driven website seeking to capture …

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MoogBot 1.0 – Second User Testing and Final Prototype…

Today, I user tested my project on my subject, Emilio. He’s a cousin of mine and he’s 5 and his favorite games are Crash Bandicoot and Jam Pack. He enjoys playing Wii Sports and an odd assortment of other Wii Games. I’ve written a blog post about my 2nd User Prototyping. This will be followed …

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LOOMIS updates

Everything is going well. I’m experimenting with a new way to pump water through the sculpture today.