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Been keeping on  wrapping my thoughts around the next assignent.  Im not in the complete clear. I get the social / object component of it… but am not sure about the media component.

In the midst of processing it al, I figured I would linke/add a project I made last semester…  I wonder if you would consider it to fall amongst the lines of the assignment ( minus the absence of internetting /online social network thang …)

I hope I’m on the right track of thought… I would like to take me phone booth as my precedence and move onto something more evolving/engaging . I’m thinking, components that need to be assembled, games, etc…

The big challenge:

I need to figure out a social media platform to link certain folk  together …. i am not going to work with Twitter or Facebook. …Not hating on either. ..Just not choosing it to be the only way to keep on keeping on.




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  1. perhaps it could be about making something that is NOT social. Anti-Social but using some kind of physical interface that opts people out of social networking?

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