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Moogbot 1.0 – Final Prototype, and Final Post (and a link to my paper and blog!)

This project has been quite the adventure for me, and it took several series of tough love and hard work, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome of it, even if it could have been better in certain ways. Thanks to everyone who gave me some awesome feedback for my project, you guys don’t …

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MoogBot 1.0 – Second User Testing and Final Prototype…

Today, I user tested my project on my subject, Emilio. He’s a cousin of mine and he’s 5 and his favorite games are Crash Bandicoot and Jam Pack. He enjoys playing Wii Sports and an odd assortment of other Wii Games. I’ve written a blog post about my 2nd User Prototyping. This will be followed …

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MoogBot- Update

So, I’ve been pretty busy these last couple of weeks. I did a rough and dirty survey and asked people in DT what were their favorite textures. I got back some GOOD responses and I will be sharing those results on my blog perhaps later, because I want to hold onto that feedback for a …

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Moog-bot Prototype 1 – Posterboard

I’ve posted photos of my first prototype. To view my blog post, click here.

MoogBot – Final Project

Okay, so I think from today’s conversation, I was misunderstood, so after mulling over my ideas for this project, I’ve decided to try to explain this concept again, and finalize what I’m going to do for the next month. This is basically me laying out my battle plans for the next couple of days of …

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Mock Up – Final Project

So, I finished this mock up recently of an idea that I wasn’t initially planning on fully executing but I wanted to imagine anyway. And I then I started thinking about my thesis for next year and what I would create for that, and how I want to tie in my final project with what …

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Final Project Ideas – Block Party

So I initially wanted to continue the idea I came up with in class, but then I read the guidelines for the Final project and I kind of backtracked a little. I began to think about interactive projects/installations that involved public spaces and it took me back to a project I learned about last semester …

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Spider 1.0 – Virtual Maze Write Up

Here’s a link to my formal write up for my Virtual Maze Project. There, you can view pictures about my project and my creation process, like the ones below. Also, click on the screenshot above to view and check out my website.

Communication Over a Distance – Midweek Progress

I’ve been building the maze for the last couple of days, and since I’m still trying to get in more work done to refine it, this update will be brief, but here are the photos of my progress and work so far. I’m going to post some more recently updated screenshots of the maze later …

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Scribbit 1.0 – Social Network Project

I’ve posted to my blog my Scribbit Social Network wireframes/ video mock up. Click here to go there now.