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Y.A.M.A.- Final Work


  The first video shows that I was controlled by Firm, a DT student, to leave from DT12 to the street. I got a lot of problems. The Internet was disconnected when I was in the elevator. My camera’s capture was too bright to see, I just bought a new one to solve this problem,when I …

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Y.A.M.Y. — Iteration One

For My Y.A.M.Y project, I made an avatar machine for capturing third person view. I use a fram, which is bound up with my knapsack to carry my camera. The camera is a web cam and taped on one end of fame. The web cam is  a normal microsoft HD web cam for desktop. The …

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Project 3 over distance interactive game

  Avatar machine — by Marc Owens   In game play, we seems to experienced the different virtual worlds thousands times. But that is not true, we just saw what the game character did in the game world. We are just a visitor to games, the game characters are real games owner.  For these result, there is …

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Social media interaction

    Hello Bike is the name of a serial of my social media bike ideas. It will allow riders to do simple communication with each-other with their bikes. My original idea was very simple. It is exactly what the top image shows:  a rider will says Hello to everyone when he is through by. That looks like  ridiculous, but if it is existed, it will make our social become more …

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Definition of Interaction

Interaction is the action which let you know what you are supposed to do. Indeed, there are many different types of interaction. I would like to take the Human-computer interaction for example. When people are using their keyboards, they are hearing knocking sounds from the keyboards, and then we will know there is supposed to …

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