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Final Project Post

Video and project description for final project at: presentation PDF:    

Interaction at a Distance

  Here is a link to the final PDF for the Interaction Over a Distance project

Social Project Final

Here is a link to the final PDF for the Social project:  

In Class Brainstorming: Elevators

Group #1: Jeremy, Kasia, Vanessa We chose option #1, to critique and improve the interactions provided by an existing product Product: Elevators User/Context: Blind people using elevators Interaction: The only affordance provided for a blind person in an elevator is the braille that is below each button used to select the floor. But if this …

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Final Project – Music Visualiser

My final project will be a music visualization system for live audio, specifically catered to small live bands. The system will consist of software to drive the visuals and hardware that allows the musician to interact with them. The visuals will be projected and will show a history of the sonic environment, not constantly changing …

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Switch: final presentation

Here is my final presentation/documentation for our Re-Invent the Switch project, I’m calling it “Do.Not.Disturb”   VIDEO: Testing L.E.D. + potentiometer + arduino + processing Testing prototype 1.0

Interaction Definition

In the most abstract sense, interaction can be defined as the process that enables the exchange of information between two or more systems. When this process occurs, each system necessarily has an effect on the other. The information exchanged could be as simple as a binary state in computers to any other number of complex …

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