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It takes a few minutes to load but it is 100% worth it:

Use the iPhone’s Safari Browser to Find location

This uses Javascript to find your location using the browser without having to write an iOS app.

The Jig Is Up: Time to Get Past Facebook and Invent a New Future

First, you should check out this JOTLY ultimate app: ( p.s. I don’t know why for some reason the links are not clickable…)   and here’s the “The Jig Is Up” article:

Apparently “girls around me” app’s mission was to avoid “the ugly ones” – so says the creator

i so didn’t want to post it in “cool projects” category… but it isn’t an announcement nor student work…Jonah, we need another post category! haha.

Interaction over a distance – creepy handshake

Developed in Japan – virtual handshake with a telematic robot. A bit on the creepy side since they are heating the hand to make it seem more “human”.      

International Dance Party

This is the video we saw in class on the International Dance Party: