Creativity Necklace – Communication From A Distance

My Inspiration

Dedicated to my little sister, Carillon, in hopes of enabling us to better inspire one another with our shared creativity.


• 2 pen/pencil encasings (one for her, one for me)
• 2 necklaces w/ RGB LEDs, power sources, and a Wi-Fi transceiver (one for her, one for me)


Each of us will wear one of the necklaces and carry around one of the encasings.  When either of us draws, writes, or creates something w/ a pen or pencil we will use the encasing and click the button at the back.  This button will send a wireless signal to turn on the other person’s creativity necklace.  The necklace will then calmly fade between RGB hues to signal that the other person is “creating.”  The intention is to inspire one another over a distance.

Concept Render

What I Manifested


Next Steps

  • Get internet message sending working – use bluetooth connection to send message through mobile phone to other person’s mobile and then back to bluetooth
  • Create custom PCBs for interior components of necklace and encasing and then manifest a pendant with all functional parts (WiFi, RGB, power supply)
  • Add sensors on pen to control hue of color (pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Have Carillon design necklaces or bracelets for pendants


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