Final Project Progress – Feedback Wanted!

After having done extensive research on campaign finance and lobbying towards new government legislation as well as street interviews, I have narrowed down the project to a few specific goals. The main premise is to communicate to people how industries and private companies heavily influence government legislations that are in some cases not for the greater good of the general public, but are designed to favor these companies’ own private interests.

The problem is rooted in the process not in substance. The most salient feature of the government is that it discriminates against all sides to favor itself, which will be the primary focal point. In order to convey this, I’m focusing on recent Internet legislations (SOPA, PIPA, CISPA) as the use case for the project. This will highlight how not only these individual legislations were too broadly written and essentially would provide too much authority over the Internet left in the hands of government agencies and private corporations, but also how the underlying system is essentially corrupt, which allowed these bills to get proposed in the first place.

Below are the wireframe mockups for the home page and data visualization page.


data visualization page

I plan on incorporating the video portion of the project into the website on the home page. This way users can watch it and it will explain what the purpose is of the project and provide some information as to what else can be found within the site, a teaser. I will also upload the video to youtube so that people can find it, and hopefully lead them to the website.

I mocked up 2 wireframes for the site to show how the video will be presented and how the data set will look. Under each category there will 2 options to click on, the industry or the companies who are backing the bills.

Since CISPA is still active and has just been passed in the house, I will need to take into consideration how to approach this portion in comparison to the others. I will need to be able to update the site as it continues to progress.

Feedback is welcomed!

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