Moogbot 1.0 – Final Prototype, and Final Post (and a link to my paper and blog!)

This project has been quite the adventure for me, and it took several series of tough love and hard work, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome of it, even if it could have been better in certain ways. Thanks to everyone who gave me some awesome feedback for my project, you guys don’t realize it, but this could never have happened without you.

There’s a lot of stuff to process, and I did a lot of documentation for my project, so if you want to see it all, head on over to my blog. I’ve been documenting and photographing my work flow/ process this entire time and have separated everything in several links, from beginning to end.

Link 1 – Posterboard Prototype

Link 2 – Survey Results and Findings!

Link 3 – Final Prototype and Final User Testing….

Link 4 – Final Presentation and User Testing Video! 

The final link is a link to my video and presentation slideshow on my blog, but if you don’t want to have to click through to see the video again, just watch it below.

Also, just to be sure, here is a link to my CHI paper. Thanks again for a wonderful semester, Jonah!

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