Final Project – Change the System (last post!)

For the final project, “Change the System” was successful as a research, data presentation, user feedback and public intervention project, but this is only the beginning. In order to fully begin building out something unique, I think I will have to put this in a much larger context than a local-driven website seeking to capture a conversation about governmental corruption. I will need to position what I have thus far discovered in a national context.

Below is the data set poster used in the public intervention, the intervention video and the presentation:

SOPA - CISPA Street Graphic

Major Studio – Final Presentation PDF_Change the System

The website for “Change the System”:

In the next iteration I think it would be interesting to introduce a technologically driven aspect of the project such as a game or an interaction, or a social device to the public realm along with a refined SOPA/CISPA poster.

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