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Switch Project: 1st Iteration

A switch which is embedded into a running jacket will enable a GPS tracking device that passively tracks a users distance. Once connected, an LED will turn on as a feedback loop so the user knows the device is working. Enables easier activation of a GPS system for runners as opposed to carrying a phone …

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Switch Project: mock-up and process

For the Switch Project I am creating a running jacket that passively tracks your GPS which will be activated when a button is snapped on the jacket. Once snapped, an LED visible from the sleeve of the jacket will notify the user that the GPS is on and can begin their run. When a run is complete …

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response to “What is interaction design?”

The meaning of interaction shifts when we are discussing it in relation to design. As defining and bringing relative meaning to interaction in of itself can be an obtuse process; it becomes better defined when discussing it in terms of design. Based on the reading, we want interaction design to focus on what a potential …

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Notes From Class Interaction Definition

No difference between and object and a system an object or system has an interaction between another object or system languages, physical interactions, combination Physics Human – Interacting with a computer – language interaction Ignore it because it has no meaning anymore more commonly associated with digital media invitation to become engaged   Information passing …

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Interaction definition

World dictionary defines Interactivity as a “two-way transfer of information between a user and the central point of a communication system, such as a computer or television.” In a nutshell, this “transfer of information” is perceived as a form of a dialogue between a human and a machine. When I think of dialogue, i think …

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Interaction Definition

In the most abstract sense, interaction can be defined as the process that enables the exchange of information between two or more systems. When this process occurs, each system necessarily has an effect on the other. The information exchanged could be as simple as a binary state in computers to any other number of complex …

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Definition of Interaction

Interaction can be difficult to define in a broad context as its meaning has many varying interpretations that are all dependent on specific scenarios. In its most basic definition, I think interaction can be defined as simply an experience. Taken further, an interaction produces an experience creating feedback that in some way alters behavior, but …

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Class starting soon!

Welcome to Major Studio Interaction 2012! Class starting in January!