final project – precedents

In doing some further exploration of this project, I am beginning to realize that having the idea for something is only a starting point. Once you begin incorporating other people into the project to begin its development, idea will shift and change; in other words the idea has little to do with the actual execution and when implemented from a UX designer’s or a engineer’s point of view, the idea can change context.

A collaborative and open community where everyone has a fair say in a project will be a necessary component. This type of approach has been implemented many times and always involves a business and financial aspect. The site Ignite Realtime is a great working example of this where Open Source communities composed of developers work with others to implement their ideas. Its a long running business and seems to have a strong presence in this space.

This example got me thinking that why would people who have a high level of technical skills work for free? There doesn’t seem to be any need to, unless you tap into a group who do coding and project work as a side hobby. I found a useful infographic to help me further answer the question of “should I work for free?“.

Should I work for free?

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