Distance Interaction Project – ‘vidshare’ FINAL

In the final iteration of vidshare, I was able to build out 2 pages of the website showing the “logged-in” homepage and the page for viewing messages. As explained in the presentation, I encountered a technical hurdle in implementing the video player with recording and playback capabilities. After doing some research, I discovered that currently the only applicable means of adding this feature, cross-browser capable, is by using a Flash plug-in video recorder. To date HTML5 does not support video recording capabilities. It would take me some considerable amount of time in fully building out this feature.

Below are some screenshots of the site (click on the below images to go to that page):

'logged-in' homepage


view message page

There are a number of next steps that I would implement should this project be further developed. One aspect that I need to explore more, is a user scenario. By implementing a user scenario I could further strengthen the overall concept. Here is an example I have sketched out:

Jerry and Elaine had worked together for years in New York and became really good friends. After 4 years of working together, Elaine was offered a big promotion inside the company, and she accepted. However, the promotion would land her in London, but regardless of the distance the job was too good to pass up. Clearly this put a strain on her friendship with Jerry, and they attempted to commute as best they could through email and Facebook, however both preferred video chatting. 

The issue they consistently encountered is that in order for them to video chat between New York and London, they had to deal with the 4 hour time difference. Between both their schedules and extracurricular activities, they found it nearly impossible to meet up online at the same time, but also did not prefer long email exchanges, or posting random messages to each other’s Facebook walls. Video messaging (or video mail), would greatly accommodate their desire to continue communicating through video, but at times that would fit with their own schedules. 

Other next steps would be to further explore how other sites are using (or not using) video messaging and find the gaps where key components or better implementation could be pursued. This way I can find a small space that has not been heavily explored and expand on it. The end result of such research could then improve the design and layout of the site as it currently is.

I will be considering further development and exploration of this project for the final, however I feel it also important to brainstorm for a few days and see if I can come up with other ideas or concepts for the final.

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