Distance Interaction Project – ‘vidshare’ wireframes

I have moved from concept and sketching to building out wireframes for the site, which I am calling vidshare. These are very down and dirty wireframes, and I hope to be able to refine some components, but the core concept is illustrated. There are many more pages I would like to wireframe, but for now I think these will be enough to work off of to begin building the site.

This is the homepage once a user is logged in and signed up. I would in the future wireframe a sign up page (form) and maybe a splash page to show what the site does and how to do it.


This is the page for making a video to send to a friend. I was thinking of two approaches to this, one would be to pick your friend(s) whom you would be sending the video to, then record the video; the other approach is to record the video then choose who you are sending it to. In this case, I think I would want the user to select who they are sending it to from a list of friends (which I haven’t made a wireframe for yet), then record the message.

sending message

This is the page for viewing a new video message from your friend, in this example I used Chris Pirillo (a tech blogger). The user then has the option to reply to the message with a new message.

new message

For the actual site, I am going to build this last wireframe and show how you would view a video message from a friend and then reply. As a technical note, I have observed that many other video recording platforms use Adobe Flash for the video recorder. I am going to look into other possible options for an alternate, but given the fact that both Google + and Facebook are using Flash, it is unlikely there is better one. Now on to the building.

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