Distance Interaction Project – New Concept

For the distance interaction project, I have decided to move away from my original concept of making impromptu plans with your friends because after some research, I found the space is very crowed and I discovered an app that does more or less exactly what I was planning on building. I am now going to be concentrating this project on creating a video messaging web application.

The concept is to create a platform that allows users to create a 30 second video message to send to their friends and family where they choose who the message is sent to while placing restrictions on the length of the message. A limit on the length of the message (like Twitter) will constrain the users and produce a more meaningful and easier to consume message. Ideally the application will connect people who live at a distance and find it difficult to interact in real time due to time zones and schedules.

The video message can become a much richer communication experience in comparison to email, text or voicemail, without the sometimes awkward moments that happen during live video chats. Taking into consideration that other platforms offer a similar service like Facebook or Youtube, I find that people rarely use video to send a personal message to someone. One of the goals is to differentiate other video capable platforms from this one allowing users more control over who sees them and can easily incorporate their existing networks of friends and families.

Below are a couple of sketches to illustrate how the site will be laid out.

home page

messages from friends

recording message

I would also like to create a “how to” page on the site showing the simple steps for sending a message. Here is the order I was thinking of using:

1. Want to send a message?

2. Choose Friend.

3. Record Message.

4. Send to friend. Option to add title or short text (limit of 140 characters) with video.

Next I plan on making a few wire-frames and then begin building at the least a basic platform where a message can be recorded and (with some sort of miracle) be sent. Given the time constraints and my decision to move to a different project, I may encounter some technical obstacles in reaching my ultimate goal.

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