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Communication Over A Distance, Part 2

After some consideration I have decided to redesign my pen as a Ouija style apparatus. I have also started testing the trackball-feedback circuit. Videos below.    

Communication Over A Distance, Part 1

The concept is to create a secret message network which requires the receiver of the message to write out the unknown message which was sent to them. This is enabled through the design of an intelligent pen which indicates the user what direction to move. More will be posted on this project as it progresses. …

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Interaction and stuff

At this point in time, I have failed to consolidate an understanding of ‘interaction’ which is meaningful to me. Forget dissecting the word into constituents and battering it from every angle, I need a modern, concise, encompassing, and absolute understanding of this word, free of ambiguity and┬ásubjectiveness. It would be convenient, although unlikely, if this …

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